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Pension facilities

Sauna s infrakabinou armatury


It is suitable for people with diseases of the locomotor system and for all age categories.
Strengthens the heart and blood circulation, increases consumption of calories, relieves muscles,
avoids the stress. Regardful for the cardiovascular system.
The result of the use of infrared cabin is sweating from the inside out.
Capacity: 2-6 persons
Price: 450,- CZK/hour

Massage whirlpool armatury

Massage whirlpool

Occupancy: 2-6 people
Price: 400, - CZK / hour.

When used with sauna together 750, - CZK / hour

Other equipment

Internet access, room to store bicycles, pergola, garden grill, outdoor shower with a paddling pool,
children playground, outdoor table tennis, russian bowling an so on..

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